CSO & HR Perspectives

The personal profile of the Medical Sales Representative has changed over the years, if in the 90s the trend was that medical school graduates were embracing this new profession, in the future more and more humanistic and exact sciences graduates will join the industry.



The increasing variability in market conditions means that also the Romanian pharmaceutical companies have to become more flexible. This will trigger the growth of outsourcing services in the industry for mainly sales and marketing activities.



2008 Contract Sales Representatives Worldwide accounted for 23.000 people. The structure of the global market for contract sales representatives is shown below:



Target Audience opportunities to use CSO may include GPs and specialist medical doctors, but also pharmacists and nurses. The last years analysis reveals an increasing trend in using CSO reps in detailing to specialists and pharmacists.



One of the areas of expertise in which CSOs will become a major provider for the pharmaceutical industry is sales force recruitment. The CSOs is an expert at rapidly recruiting sales reps to client specifications due to large databases containing a large number of potential sales candidates. list building, detailing and support IT services will continue the ascendent trajectory also.