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After ten years of activity, it’s a good moment to take a look over our team’s history. We found out that over these ten years we had 420 collegues. We tried to contact them, to see what they’re doing and to tell them that this year we celebrate our 10th anniversary.

We spoke with 336 of them, they were delighted to hear from us and we discovered very interesting things. Most of them (62%) still work in pharma while 20% got back to their profession (physician or pharmacist).

The pharma professionals work as Medical Representatives (66 %) or Middle Management (34%). Moreover, 47 % of those still in pharma continue their careers within today’s TOP 20 Pharmaceutical Companies.

These interesting figures witness of our ability to develop pharma specialists and reflect our continuous effort to rise the professional level of our specific market. 


Bivol Ioana Cristina, Field Force HR Business Partner
Bogdan Iordan Mirela, Human Resources Director
Gheta Diana Aurora, Out of the country
Golea Dorin Adrian, No information available
Huciu Cristian Calin, District Manger
Lixandru Daniela Ileana, Out of the country
Moloiu Mariana, General Manager
Paraschiv Spiru, Stomatologist
Risca Vlad, No information available
Samoila Florin Cosmin, No information available

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Androne Dilara, Medical Representative
Barbu Mihaela Denissa, No information available
Boie Ana Maria, Marketing Manager
Boie Cosmin , Commercial Manager
Buzdugan Constantina Claudia, Physician
Chis Delia Cornelia, Senior Medical Representative
Cozac Costinela Andrada, Field Force Manager
Dobra Mioara, No information available
Dumitru Monica, No information available
Fernye Aurel Mircea, Physician
Florescu Andrea, Physician
Grigoroiu Merchez Mircea, Area Sales Manager
Grobeiu Ioana, Brand Manager
Huciu Oana, Trainer
Ion Dragos, Location Director
Ivascu Augustin Marcel, Product Manager
Macicasan Ovidiu Dan, Medical Representative
Mandru Ana, Pharmacist
Odor Janina Claudia, Out of the country
Pavel Bogdan Nicolae, No information available
Pitulea Renata,Senior Medical Representative
Preda Anca, No information available
Pricope Elvis, Medical Representative
Sologon Corneliu Mihai, No information available
Stancu Anca , No information available
Teodorescu Gianina, No information available
Tuca Marcela Antoanela, No information available
Vanghelie Florin, Product Manager
Vilcea Georgescu Carmen Rozalia, Product Manager
Zahariuc Cristian, Stomatologist

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Balan Ana Cristina, Physician
Cocinef (Grecu) Luiza, Health Marketing Manager
Dumitriu Monica Elena, Field Force Manager
Firulescu Sineta Cristina, No information available
Gligor Anca Olivia, No information available
Nasui Christiana Elisabeta, No information available
Niculita Ana Maria, Product Manager
Tatara (Bontescu) Mihaela Simona, Professional Product Specialist
Tatu Emilian Mihai, No information available
Teuca Ioanita Salustia, Medical Representative
Tiplea Mihaela, No information available
Tomescu Daniela, Area Sales Manager
Urlateanu Ioana, No information available

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Aldescu Tudor Corneliu, No information available
Bloju Sebastian Marcel, CRA
Buksa Krisztina Eva, No information available
Calaras Andrei Alexandru, Business Director
Chiriac Cristina Elena, No information available
Clej Cornelia Ioana , No information available
Coos Brindusa Viorica, No information available
Dragos Doina Maria , No information available
Fetita Alin Sorin, Entrepreneur
Georgescu Georgiana, Physician
Grajdan Stefan Bogdan, Business Unit Manager
Isip Ovidiu Cristian , No information available
Mihai Stefan Doru, Key Account Manager
Mirita Nicolae, Product Manager
Modol Silviu Marius, Medical Representative
Munteanu Claudiu , No information available
Muresan Calin Razvan, Area Sales Manager
Nedescu Constantin, CRA
Nistor Alina Aurelia, No information available
Pargaru Iulia, Medical Advisor
Patrascu Ciprian, Medical Representative
Pescaru Camelia Corina, No information available
Poalelungi Tudorel, No information available
Popa Violeta Monica, Medical Representative
Proscan Maria Emilia, CRA
Puiu Calin, Product Specialist
Rasdeaconu Izaura Claudia, No information available
Spiridon Marius, No information available
Taban Alexandru Codrin, Lawyer
Tinjala Violeta, No information available
Tugearu Tanya Carolina, Medical Representative
Vasiu Adina Nicoleta, Medical Representative

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Burlacu Catalin Mihai, No information available
Chioseaua Nely Mathilda, Product Specialist
Coman Bogdan Tiberiu, No information available
Demian Alexandru Adrian, Area Sales Manager
Dina Constantin, No information available
Dobromir Carmen Daniela, No information available
Fetita Adela Elena, Stomatologist
Florea Oana Adina , Physician
Grinisteanu Alina Laura, No information available
Ichim Florin Tiberiu, Medical Representative
Ilinca Claudiu Nicolae, No information available
Istrate Geanina, Trainer
Koza Izabela Elisabeta, No information available
Malaxa Minodora Florina, Healthcare Access Manager
Moise Maria, Medical Representative
Stefanescu Camelia Florina, No information available
Tudor Oana Magdalena, No information available
Vasilescu Andreea Elena, No information available
Veres Oana Corina, Physician
Voicu Flavia Georgiana, No information available

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Balan Corina, Product Specialist
Banateanu George Silviu, CRA
Banciu Dan Stefan , No information available
Circei Daniela Carmen, Medical Representative
Ciupala Raluca Dana, Product Manager
Costea Adrian, Medical Representative
Duta Nicolae Sorin, No information available
Hamzea Mihai Dan, CRA
Hota Claudia, No information available
Ianosi Silviu, No information available
Iordache (Cosa) Raluca , Physician
Ispir Nicoleta, Medical Representative
Ivanov Dragut Ana Teodora, No information available
Jurcau Paul Dan, Area Sales Manager
Marinas Laurentiu , General Manager
Meder Karla Clemensa Laura, Medical Representative
Melinte Liliana, No information available
Mitrea Florenta, No information available
Mocanu Diana Mihaela, Medical Representative
Neacsu Monica Alina, Product Manager
Paraipan Ioan Bogdan, First Line Sales Manager
Pavel Alexandru, Medical Manager
Petre Mihaela, Medical Representative
Clapon Mihaela, Physician
Petricu Maria Jeana, Physician
Popovici Marius Bogdan, No information available
Predescu Gina Mihaela, No information available
Rata George Adrian, No information available
Sabau Daniela Carmen, No information available
Sandu Nicoleta Monica, No information available
Simionov Georgia Cornelia, Medical Representative
Sologon Dana-Florina, No information available
Stamati Hulub Maria Ileana, No information available
Toporan Ruxandra , Sales & Marketing Manager
Tudoroiu Tudor, No information available
Vatamaniuc Diana Andreea, No information available
Voicu (Pirvu) Mirela , Medical Representative

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Afrentoaiei Alin Ionut, Product Manager
Agavriloaei Anca Irina, Physician
Alexandru Ciprian, Sales Manager
Alexoae Cristina Alina, No information available
Antohe Daniel, Medical Representative
Artin Geanina, Medical Bioengineer
Arvinte Razvan, Veterinarian
Bacanu Cosmin , Clinical Research Project Manager Eastern Europe
Barticel Mihaela Andreea, Pharmacist
Bordea Dragos, Product Manager
Bosianu Bogdan Stefan, Physician
Bucsa Iulia Roxana , No information available
Bucu Raluca, Pharmacist
Cercel Adrian Radu, Area Sales Manager
Codresi Florinel, Medical Representative
Costea Gabriela, Entrepreneur
Covrig Adrian, Medical Representative
Craciun Andreea Nicoleta, No information available
Crisan Dabija Radu Adrian, Medical Representative
Dolofan Bogdan Mihai, CRA
Dumitru Cristian Alexandru, Medical Representative
Dumitru Florentina Alina, No information available
Iosep Constantin, Medical Representative
Galbinasu Valentin, Medical Representative
Gozman-Pop Romantiana Florica, Medical Representative
Hagianu Raluca Mirela, No information available
Hegyesi Sergiu, Medical Representative
Huza Grigoras-Nelu-Remus, District Manger
Juravle Liviu Vasile, Pharmacist
Marchis Cristian Dan, Medical Representative
Marinas Julieta, Key Account Manager
Melnic Ioana Ruxandra, No information available
Mocanu Mihaela Diana, Medical Representative
Munteanu Daniela, Medical Representative
Murtaza Erchian, Sales Manager
Nicorut Mariana Anica, Pharmacist
Onut Ioan, Medical Representative
Paraschiv Denis Nicole, Medical Representative
Pastina Codrin Andrei, Physician
Pick Razvan Daniel, Medical Representative
Plesoianu Mihaela, Medical Representative
Poalelungi (Banateanu) Andreea Mariana, Stomatologist
Pop Lorena Gabriela, Medical Representative
Pop Dorin Ioan, No information available
Ranga Eugen, Physician
Rasid Lelia, No information available
Rautu Alina Gabriela, No information available
Rosca Monica Daniela, Key Account Executive
Sabau Daniel, No information available
Sanda (Stefanache) Alina Ioana, Medical Representative
Serban Ionel Viorel, Medical Representative
Sfartz Mircea, Physician
Stanigut Simona Ecaterina, Medical Representative
Stefan Irina Daniela, Research Assistant
Stefan Corina Elena, No information available
Tibea Cristian Razvan Constantin, Physician
Tudor Elvi Dorina, Medical Representative
Tutuianu Marius, No information available
Ulea Andreea Oana, Brand Manager
Ungur Daniel, Medical Representative
Ungureanu Iulia Cristina, No information available
Urzica Cristian Daniel, Medical Representative
Voinea Aurelian Sebastian, Medical Bioengineer

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Alexe Octavian Sabin, Medical Representative
Axinte Laura , Out of the country
Belenes Sergiu Adrian, Physician
Boboc Maria-Delia, Physician
Boghiu Selena Anita, CRA
Bosinceanu Razvan, Force Field Manager
Botezatu (Leonte) Anca, Medical Representative
Burcea Cristina, Stomatologist
Campean Teodora Anca, Out of the country
Chiruta Renata, Medical Representative
Clej Ana Adriana, Medical Representative
Cleciu Simona Mihaela, No information available
Colceriu Sanda Maria, Medical Representative
Coman Anca Iulia, No information available
Cont Roxana Cristina, Medical Representative
Costiuc Cristian Mircea, Medical Representative
Cristescu Bogdan Andrei, Medical Representative
Danescu Ruxandra Gabriela, Stomatologist
Dumitrana Iulian, No information available
Farcas Emil Aurelian, Physician
Florescu Ramona Vasilica, Medical Representative
Franche Margareta, Medical Representative
Gavris Beniamin, Stomatologist
Giba Nicoleta, Medical Representative
Giba (Matei) Oana Cornelia, Medical Representative
Gita Amalia, CRM Sales Manager
Gorcea Cosmina, Medical Representative
Iancu Stefan, Department Manager
Iancu Ioana Iuliana, Medical Representative
Ichim Felicia, Medical Representative
Kovacs Elena, Physician
Dumitru Laura Mihaela, Medical Representative
Lihtei Olimpu Virgil, Medical Representative
Lupu Mihaela Florica, Medical Representative
Marina Ilse-Delia, Key Account Manager
Matiuta-Gherlea Anghel Remus Ciprian, Sales Representative
Munteanu Georgiana, Medical Representative
Munteanu Beatrice, Sales Manager
Neamtu Razvan, Key Account Executive
Nedelcu Maria-Mirela, No information available
Nifon Mariana, Medical Representative
Oana Ioana Maria, Physician
Oprea Cleopatra, Medical Representative
Pitila Doru Adrian, Stomatologist
Pohaci Antonesei Catalin Alexandru, Medical Representative
Pop Octavian Alexandru, No information available
Pop Laura Mariana, No information available
Popa Vlad Cristian, Student
Popescu Radu, Medical Representative
Prisacariu Roxana Alice, No information available
Pupazan Roxana Fabiola, Medical Representative
Scarlat Laura Ludmila, Physician
Schipescu Cristina Codruta, Medical Representative
Spiridon Liliana, Stomatologist
Stanciu Carmen Daniela, Physician
Tanasie Simona Mihaela, No information available
Tautan Calinescu Viviana Bianca, Medical Representative
Tiganea Nicoleta, Physician
Tomici Mircea Alexe, Medical Representative
Totoianu Mihnea Vladimir, Medical Representative
Trifan Anca Loredana, Medical Representative
Verdeti Dinu Alexandru Radu, Out of the country
Vilcea Valentin Medical Representative
Zahariuc Mioara, Key Account Manager
Zgura Steliana, Customer Representative
Zorzon Erika, No information available

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Albu Cristina Mihaela, Physician
Aldea Aura, Medical Representative
Andru Lucia, Physician
Ardeleanu Florin, Medical Representative
Baba Irina Petronela, Credit Officer
Baciu Isabela Roxana, Student
Baciu Sorin, Medical Representative
Baciu Ion Bogdan, Medical Representative
Barui Gabriel Dan, Stomatologist
Blaga Andreea, Student
Bosoiu Andi-Ciprian, Medical Representative
Bostaca Iuliana, Physician
Budovic Zeljko, Medical Representative
Bulancea Nicoleta, Stomatologist
Bularca Cristina-Anda, Physician
Bulgaru (Sabau) Lidia, Medical Representative
Burlacu Daniel, Physician
Bursuc Cezar Ady, Sales Representative
Burticel Ares Paul Ciprian, Medical Representative
Calin Mihail, Medical Representative
Calin Eva Elena, Medical Representative
Chiorean Radu Viorel, Medical Representative
Chirila Sergiu Ioachim, No information available
Chivu Paula Gabriela, Teacher
Cimpoesu Nicu Levi, Physician
Ciobanu Stefan Daniel, Physician
Ciofu Liviu, Medical Representative
Cocolos Romulus, Medical Representative
Coniac Simona, No information available
Constantinescu Cosmin Ioan, No information available
Costescu Stefan Andrei, Medical Representative
Costrut Horia Constantin, Medical Representative
Cozmulici Nicolae, Kinetotherapist
Craciun Marius Emil, Student
Cristea Valentin, Medical Representative
Damaschin Cristina Elena, Waste Water Plant Manager
Deaconu Daniela, Physician
Diaconu Daniela Ivona, Medical Representative
Dinulescu Lucian Liviu, Key Account Manager
Ene Carmen Elena, Entrepreneur
Fliscu Catalina Elena, Key Account Manager
Floruta Adrian Mircea, Medical Representative
Frenti Claudia Laura, Medical Representative
Georgescu Ciprian, Medical Representative
Girban Marilena Gela, No information available
Grosu Genoveva, Medical Representative
Horchidan Alina Diana, Physician
Ifrim Iulia , Medical Representative
Irimia Ciprian Daniel, Medical Representative
Ispir Lucian, Product Specialist
Kapas Edgar Barna, Medical Representative
Kozma Erika, No information available
Lele Gabriela Claudia, Medical Representative
Macovei Nicoleta, Medical Representative
Mandoki Kinga, Physician
Margineanu Razvan, Student
Marin Claudiu Daniel, Medical Representative
Marin Catalin Petre, Medical Representative
Mirea Maria Luiza, Commercial Director
Miron Cristina, Physician
Moraru Alina Andreea, Medical Representative
Motca Marius Aurel, Field Force Manager
Munteanu Andreea, Pharmacist
Nazarovici Adina, Medical Representative
Nichita Vasile-Liviu, Medical Representative
Olteanu Catalina, Medical Representative
Pavel Oana, Medical Representative
Pecec Radu Alexandru, Medical Representative
Popa Ioan Florin, Medical Representative
Predoiu Mihaela, Medical Representative
Puiu Elena Mihaela, Sales Consultant
Raducan Victor Florian, Physician
Rotaru Mihaela, Medical Consultant
Rusu Elena , Medical Representative
Sacalus Andra Monica, Medical Representative
Setnescu Cornelia, Medical Representative
Sfredel Maria Iulia, Medical Representative
Sima Florina Camelia, Physician Assistant
Stanescu Daniela, Physician
Stanimir Florin, Physician
Stanuca Florin Alexandru, Physician
Stefanache Simona, Physician
Stoica Georgeta, Area Sales Manager
Stoichina Mihaela , Medical Representative
Strugaru Marius Gabriel, Medical Representative
Talpau Elena, Medical Representative
Teodorescu Andrei George, Medical Representative
Toporau Corina, Medical Representative
Turcu Iulian Valentin, Medical Representative
Vadineanu Mirela Amalia, Physician
Vancea Monica, Pharmacist
Vasilache Iulia, Medical Representative
Visan Dragos Vasile, No information available
Vlad Ioana Adina, Medical Representative
Vornicu Ciprian, Physician
Zaharia Enida, Medical Representative
Popescu Loredana, Physician

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Acatrinei Insuratelu Catalina, Physician
Aldea Mihaela, Medical Representative
Andreescu Oana, Physician
Barbu Rodica Mirela, Physician
Borsa Monica, Medical Representative
Brad Silvia, Entrepreneur
Bratu Alina Violeta, Physician Assistant
Broasca Eugenia, Medical Representative
Capmare Mioara, Medical Representative
Ciocazan Beanca Mihaela, Medical Representative
Ilie Iuliana Ioana, Accountant
Cordea Roxana Anca, Medical Representative
Demian Ioana Rozalia, Kinetotherapist
Dumitru Adrian Stefan, Physician
Dumitru Florina, Medical Representative
Guteanu Raluca, Student
Ivancov Georgiana Irina Administrative Assistant
Lascau Anamaria, CRA
Petcu Andreea Ioana, Medical Representative
Lungu Corina, Teacher
Niculescu Silvia, Sales Representative
Olteanu Alexandru, Medical Representative
Orbulescu Catalin Petrisor, Medical Representative
Partene Maria Elena, Medical Representative
Pasmangiu Ion Cornelia, Economist
Popa Andreea, Physician
Popescu Oana, Sales Representative
Pricop Ioana Cornelia, Medical Representative
Radu Sorina Loredana, Medical Representative
Resiga Ovidiu, Physician
Rusu Ionut Andrei, Medical Representative
Sevastru Lucian, Quality Assurance Specialist
Stefan Cristina Elena, Physician Assistant
Todirica Melania, Student
Vadanovici Cristina Maria, Medical Representative
Vasile Liliana Catalina, Physician
Vasiliu Sebastian, Stomatologist
Vinatoru Irina Adina, Biochemist
Vladulescu Elena Cristina, Physician

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