Value-Added Projects

In 2008, Expand Health had the initiative to create a magazine line of Pharma Executives Gold Catalogues including short presentations of the most talented and special people from Pharma industry. A Women Catalogue was launched in spring 2008 and a future Men’s Catalogue is planned for winter 2009.

PharmaBusiness Women Catalogue

Initiative of Expand Health Romania and part of the PharmaBusiness Congress, the PharmaBusiness Catalogues project was initiated by a special spring edition: PharmaBusiness Women Catalogue - Successful Women in the Romanian Pharmaceutical Market edition that included interviews of the successful women from the pharmaceutical market and photographs taken by Gabriel Hennessey.

PharmaBusiness Women Day Gold Gala, a special pre-launching event for the PharmaBusiness Women Catalogue brought together on the 12th of March 2008, in the stylish atmosphere of Casa Vernescu all the personalities present in the Catalogue and their guests.

The special character of the PharmaBusiness Women Day Gold Gala was nuanced by the aristocratic atmosphere of Casa Vernescu, a professional photo session especially organized in the opening of the evening and the gastronomical creations of one of the most famous cooks in Romania: Joseph Hadad.