PharmaBusiness Congress

Expand Health, the initiator and organizer of the PharmaBusiness Congress, the most important annual event for the pharmaceutical business community and other events dedicated to the specific market, wishes to be a trend-setter even in this area.

We have always impressed our guests with the quality of the speakers and their lectures, the interesting locations and the organization close to perfection, like we always do in our work.

The final show of every event is already our trade mark. Interesting guests (Doina Levinza, Razvan Mazilu, Alexandru Tomescu and his Stradivarius violin, Cristian Lascu, editor of National Geographic) enchant and provoke the audience during a vibrant evening.

PharmaBusiness Congress, JW Marriott Grand Hotel, Bucharest, 2006

PharmaBusiness Congress, the First Annual Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Congress in Romania brought together, for two days (8-9 November 2006), in the exquisite environment of JW Marriott Grand Hotel, the highest professional experts of the Pharmaceutical Business and Industry in Romania.

The special experience and expertise of both speakers and participants were shared through state of the art conferences and vanguard workshops, by exploring new trends and innovative insights throughout the continuously transforming pharmaceutical market.

PharmaBusiness Congress provided our guests the unique opportunity for open dialogue and creative exchange of ideas in a highly professional environment. Key Pharma professional experts, willing to share their experience and expertise with their colleagues within this event’s conferences and workshops, joined the Congress as Speakers.

The last day’s event, the 'Exclusive Venetian Levintza Show', a colourful, fantastic world, together with the choreographic moments especially created for this show, were the ingredients for an elegant, sophisticated evening.

PharmaBusiness Congress, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Bucharest, 2007

The second edition of the PharmaBusiness Congress successfully responded to the expectances of the romanian pharmaceutical market, a continuously evolving and transforming market.

This year’s event touched specific areas of interest, gathering the sales, marketing, HR and training specialists of the pharmaceutical market within the dedicated work-shops, which were this year’s Congress catalyst.

We respected the PharmaBusiness Congress tradition inviting the participants to attend the two special evening moments, an opportunity for networking, art, fine cuisine and relaxation.
The feelings that the congress’ final show, „Un Tango Mas”, transmitted still remain in our memory, because, as Razvan Mazilu said, „Un Tango Mas is not just a show, it is an emotional exercise, sublime, painful, almost unbearable”.

The extraordinary presence of the speakers at the second edition of the PharmaBusiness Congress was celebrated during the Award Ceremony “PharmaBusiness Excellency”.

PharmaBusiness Congress, Radisson SAS Hotel, Bucharest, 2008

The 3rd edition of the PharmaBusiness Congress, a significant experience for the Romanian pharmaceutical market, has gathered into a sophisticated and professional atmosphere national and international pharma specialists from the emerging markets. Sharing international experiences, benchmarking business opportunities have been the key focus of this 2008 edition.

A high profile audience & speakers including Key Pharma leaders, specialists in pharmaceutical domain have assisted the three main workshop areas within six defined sessions: Marketing, Sales Force Effectiveness and People & Organization. Mr. Leandro Herrero, Special Guest Speaker for the 2008 edition of the congress, founder of the Chalfont Project LTD, leading consulting group of organizational architects, has enchanted us with his unconventional and very successful change management methodology VIRAL CHANGE TM.

Tradition was also respected by inviting the participant to attend in the two evenings of the congress special events, time for networking, art and relaxation. The emotion of ending show of the Congress “Earth is Speaking to You!” is still vibrant in our minds, special guest Mr. Cristian Lascu ( National Geographic) has discovered the dark beauty of the deep Earth. Interactive Live Concert with Alexandru Tomescu & Stradivarius Elder-Voicu has been an exciting moment of the Evening Gala, an invitation to a marvelous world of music art and reverie.

The outstanding presence of the Speakers within the third edition of PharmaBusiness Congress was celebrated in the “PharmaBusiness Excellency” Award Ceremony.