Pharma Events

Expand Health is a trend setter of Pharma events, organizing each year at least two important meetings dedicated to the pharmaceutical executives. The recognition of the outstanding themes and logistics is measured each time in the impressive number of Pharma participants.

In the last ten years, the Expand Health Pharma events brought together more than 600 people and over 130 pharmaceutical companies.

  • Three Editions of PharmaBusiness Congress in November, in Bucharest: 2006, 2007, 2008, upcoming 2009
  • Anniversary Event: “6 years, For Science with Art” - 2005
  • Launching Events: “Expand Health in Romania” - 1999; “The Art of Being Present” Iasi and Timisoara, -2006
  • Business Events: “Re-inventing Medical Representative Next Step”- 2007, “Pharma Executive’s Meeting & Golf”-2008
  • Pharma Executives Dedicated Catalogues: “PharmaBusiness Women”- 2008, upcoming “PharmaBusiness Men”- 2009
  • Sales Force Effectiveness Summit, Gold Sponsor in Monaco – 2007, Gold Sponsor in Barcelona - 2008