Pharma Executive's Events

No matter which was the meeting rational, Expand Health challenged its partners with the newest Pharma business topics transforming each meeting in a productive debate for improving and developing new business models.

6 years, For Science with Art” – 2005

Over 130 top management representatives of multi-national and autochthonous companies producing and distributing pharmaceutical products attended the event organised at the Crowne Plaza on the 15th of June 2005. The event started with a coffee break accompanied by the Divas Quartet and a choreography moment by the Iuno group. The evening ended on the terrace with an ART & FUN COCKTAIL: jazz, choreography and saxophone.

“The Art of Being Present” Iasi and Timisoara, -2006

Starting with 2006, Expand Health decides to approach the local market and, at the same time, to develop its traditional recruitment and training activities locally, by opening representative offices in Iasi and Timisoara.

The launching events with the Motto “The Art of Being Present” were organized on the 8th and the 10th of June. Each one of the two events brought together over 80 representatives of the local producers and distributors, as well as delegates of the multinational and autochthonous companies present in Moldova and Banat.

“Re-inventing Medical Representative Next Step”- 2007

Expand Health’s initiative to organize the first work-shop focused on the actual concerns regarding the recruitment of the medical representatives gathered 27 companies active in the Romanian pharmaceutical market.

The opinion poll realized by tele-voting, the four lectures presented by the organizers and their guests, together with the special guest, Psychologist Dr. Aurora Liiceanu generated a reflexive, creative atmosphere for the 45 participants having responsabilities in looking for new sources of candidates, re-inventing the job profiles and recruiting high-value medical representatives.

The work-shop agenda had two main sections: first, an overview of demand and offer in the medical representative recruitment market and second, the re-inventing of the high-performer profile, respecting the organizational objectives in a dynamic professional environment.

The active implication in the debate, wich continued during the cocktail, confirmed the interest of our guests to generate common values regarding the medical representative recruitment and selection area, a highly strategic area implied in reaching organizational performance.

“Pharma Executive’s Meeting & Golf”-2008

This Event, the third in the series of the PharmaBusiness Congress sales and marketing satellite projects, was supported by Expand Health and brought together in a synergic format, the Pharmaceutical Business and the Golf Philosophy.

The Workshop theme: “Forecasting Effective Teams – The Green CSO Model” invited our guests to an interactive session debating the Contract Sales Organization alternative: when, why and how looks a CSO Green Model according to our client’s company mission, vision, values and specific objectives.