Best Thoughts


stefan_boldea resizeStefan Boldea
Field Force Manager, 1 year in Expand

“Team work means involvement, creativity and an assumption of responsibility by individual activities. To work every day in Expand Health’s team stays under the sign of mutual respect.”

paul jurcauPaul Jurcau
Field Force Supervisor, 1 year in Expand

“EXPAND = working in a young, professional, dedicated team within an innovative company which offers the opportunity for professional development through the challenges encountered”

cristina_boiagian resizeCristina Boiagian
Office Manager, 2 years in Expand

„The essence to become a winner!!!”

sorin_puchea resizeSorin Puchea
Car Fleet Manager, 9 years in Expand

“Working for Expand is a daily challenge which offers me the occasion to meet a lot of people, team or clients, in a young dynamic atmosphere, but also professional.”

monica neamtu2Monica Neamtu
HR Officer, 1 year in Expand

“Working in Expand’s team is an addition to my personal life, is my choice for personal development; in fact it is a lifestyle.”

ionela varlan2_resizeIonela Virlan
Accountant, 2 years in Expand

“Individual and team successes are the best or simply the joy of leaving something behind. In other words we are the small bricks that form the foundation for a big construction.”

anca condret_resizeAnca Condret
Recruitment Project Coordinator, 3 years in Expand

“PERFORMANCE, CREATIVITY and ORIGINALITY are the main values which I have seen in this company…values I have chosen to impose in my lifestyle. Working in Expand has brought me fulfillment, has defined my personality and has determined myself to do everything with respect and passion!”


oana_dracsineanu resizeOana Dracsineanu
Recruitment Project Coordinator, 2 years in Expand

„Work in itself is inanimate; it can only be made lively by injecting yourself into it. Expand Health has the merit of convincing and allowing me to do so. Nevertheless, the degree of success of my personal infusion is widely due to my supportive colleagues.”

ioana stiopu_resizeIoana Stiopu
Recruitment Project Coordinator, 2 years in Expand

“Expand Health is for me the moment when I was professionally born and being a part of this team has helped me learn, grow and develop in a pleasant yet challenging environment, thus coming closer to being a mature professional. “

ioana scarlat_resizeIoana Scarlat
Recruitment Project Coordinator, 1 year in Expand

“Working in this team, as a Recruitment Project Coordinator, is for me like a trip to the mountains. The places may be familiar, but sometimes it’s sunny, sometimes it snows, I always meet different people, I always see new things… and even if it was easy or not to climb up to the top, I am always happy when I get there. “ 

raluca_cristeaRaluca Cristea
Recruitment Project Coordinator, 1 year in Expand

“My experience within Expand is a perfect combination between a cold rain in a sunny day – freshness, inspiration and a long distance race – effort, self exceeding and development…and, of course, continuous innovation and reinvention!” 

lucian_les resizeLucian Les
Logistic Officer, 1 year in Expand

“Working in Expand is a way to learn that working and thinking must go together hand in hand, and so you’ll gain also many abilities and knowledge and you’ll develop your personal skills and character.”

florina_dita resizeFlorina Dita
Office Supervisor, BU R&S, 3 years in Expand

“Expand Health has offered me the chance to work in a dynamic, creative team, that feels and is passionate about everything they do.” 

georgiana_resizeGeorgiana Tudor
Office Assistant, 1 year in Expand

“Expand Health means a way of being a real pro: managing tough situations in a healthy team spirit, always learning something new … being first every time in pharma business!”