Management Stories

To be part of Expand Health Management Board means to be stronger, smarter, more exacting & more business passionate day after day, year after year. The individual evolution is a base rule respected over the years and the fundamental reasoning for the management members to form a team. 

carmen catrinaCarmen CATRINA, Pharm, MBA
General Manager, 9 years in Expand

„There is no doubt that working in Expand means living every day with grace, discipline and business joy. I’m grateful to my team for their understanding and involvement beyond the normal limits in every idea or project we decide to go on. After 10 full years, I have the trust that team spirit is dominant above any other organizational procedure or rule.
Happy Birthday Team! ”

dana cange finalDana CANGE, Mathematician, MBA
Executive Director, 10 years in Expand

“Dare to do things in a way that really represents you, be yourself but listen, with mind and heart, to other’s ideas and opinions, it can be useful-that’s my motto. I think that deserve, the effort, involvement, mil call-up, innovation, energy, even after 10 years, and in every moment, all of these for business’s joy and life’s balance. It isn’t just satisfaction; it is more, it’s true special life. Happy Birthday Daring Team!"

monica craciun resizeMonica CRACIUN, Psychologist, MBA
People & Organization Director, 4 years in Expand

“Being part of Expand Health’s team means continuous tendency to improve yourself & your work within a challenging environment. Seeking excellence and innovation from every member of our team it’s what defines us. Nevertheless Expand’s spirit reflects dynamism, teamwork and drive for success.”

ciprian_ouatu_resizeCiprian Ouatu, Physician
Branch Director Iasi Subsidiary, 7 years in Expand

“I come to work every day with pleasure for 7 years because I have found here, at Expand Health, the same values that drive me: continuous self-improvement, creativity and responsibility.”

ovidiu_urechescu resizeOvidiu Urechescu, Physician
Branch Director Timisoara Subsidiary, 7 years in Expand

“For 10 years, Expand has imposed a tradition of performance. Quality, innovation, vitality, attitude are Expands trademarks. No matter who the winners will be, we are all together triumphant: Expand Team!”

adrian daniu_resizeAdrian Daniu, economist
Financial & Logistic Manager, 4 years in Expand

“Be Forward is the philosophy I adopted from my first day in Expand, and it suits me perfectly. I am confident that what I have experienced and developed during my first four years is just the beginning of a long journey, full of challenges and total success.”